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Facts You Didn't 
Know You Didn't 

Trivia to brighten your day.
The French historian Jacque Cortier coined the phrase "World War I" in 1915 during the Battle of Verdun. Less than a year later he would be executed for "rumor mongering."

'Doogier' is Arabic for a place where thieves slept the night after robbing. It was translated as 'doogie' into English and up to 1935, it was a crime to provide 'Doogie Houser.' Ask any lawyer.

In some sub-Saharan cultures, putting live vipers in someone's bed is a token of good luck.

Developed originally as a drink flavoring, refined gasoline is now used exclusively as a fuel source.

In Italy, people use the fork once and wash it after every bite. Only rogues and cynics wash it after entire courses.

Prior to 1860, young women of marriageable status in Biloxi Mississippi, referred to themselves as 'Proper Bostonians'. The Civil War changed all of that.

'Frack' is that clear fat around a canned ham. After being removed from the can, you can call it 'flintsum.'

During the military campaigns of 1650 - 1656, English soldiers referred to the 'French War'; French soldiers used 'English War,' and the mercenary Hessian troops used 'the French and English War.'

Backerian natives, now living in Nepal, have 16 words for being crushed by an automobile. Americans have just four.

When native North American Indians first met Europeans, they thought 'cooties' were caused from horses, a mythical animal prophesied by Ancient soothsayers. They later learned about smallpox.

To 'duke it out' with someone has nothing to do with John Wayne. It has more to do with Caesar. 'Duke' is derived from Roman games when Christians, armed only with short swords, or dukakasii, would fight unarmed Nubians.

'Tommyrot' was named after a Welsh waiter that so hated his job serving Englishmen, he would put spoiled pieces of meat on their trays. This story was so unbelievable to the wealthy Londoners, they jokingly named the platter London Broil, although it's cooked now and isn't rancid.

Voltaire would don himself in his mistress clothes and work the Paris streets. That's why it took him twice as long to write 'On Politics and Nature's Freedom.'

Neither Pepsi nor Coke can be drunk by Australian aboriginal chiefs. Both trademarks translate into the nearly identical word for 'ancestor.' Hence they believe they would be drinking their ancestors; at the very least, made of the ancestors.