Victory in KGP! The Americans concede the battle at the end of CG game 5. After a brief, intense but unsuccessful assault on the German ridge lines, the ensuing German counterattack captured the remaining Strategic Locations. The Americans were off the board again. Facing the same scenario for the third time of entering the board and assaulting defending elite troops, the American commander called off the bloodshed. Replaying history, Stoutmont would remain under German control. Reversing history, we would not pull out this time. (2/1/97)

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We started KGP I Action at Stoumont (KGP I CGI). Reprising our roles from Ambeleve, myself and Phil are the Germans. Facing us is Doyle as the pesky Americans. Dirk will be joining us next scenario as an American.

Phil has declared himself immune to the destruction rules. Having lost only a single Panzer IV on Turn 1 of 19 AM, he has recklessly pursued the Americans straight to the board edge. In a moment of utter conceit, he double-dog dared Doyle to fire his 76L AT at one of his Panthers. Doyle, having nothing better to do than to listen to his opponent, rolled a '2'. Doubling his TK number to 34, it was at this point Phil declared himself immune to destruction and saw a dud bounce comically off his steel.

After Action Reviews

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Note about the Hill

Avalon Hill certainly goes out it their way at times to discourage people from liking them. The whole KGP I/KGP II mess is a good example. In what should have been one game, they made it two. Plus only two of the pages from KGP I rules may still be used, the others have been changed so that I have to use copies of the rules. The counters are also a different color in between the sets. The difference is noticeable enough that concealment is affected.