Sing along.

How many ASL songs do you know? Well, here's one more

Try Singing along with this tune.

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Play the music and sing along

As some day it had to happen and players gathered 'round
We've made a little list - our own mailing list
Of like-minded gamers who liked ASL
Who never wrote each other but posted on our list.
There's the loneliest of writers who post to anyone who reads
And the pathetic reader responding to anything he sees.
And all those up on rules and recites them in nothing flat
And those players who buy every game and still buy more like that-
Only one way to win Red Barricades by people who insist
They're posting to our list and reading still our list.

We've got 'em on the list--we've got 'em on the list
Tales that shouldn't be missed--reading still our list.

There's people who know the rules and politely answer you
And the game designer pairs-We've got them on the list!
Players who play so well but still occasionally lose
They never have a fit--they never have a fit.
Then we have people like Manlig who say they're never wrong
Tate browbeating all others and posts that are way too long.
We've got newbies who are willing to take a try
Irritating veterans by rolling nothing but snake eyes
Winning games with series of improbable hits
Tales of those who do so and those who never hit

We've got 'em on the list--we've got 'em on the list
Read their tales - they're posting to out list.

We have our rules lawyers, they're there and rather rife,
The rules absolutist - we have him on the list.
And people who start flame wars and make attempts at strife
all of them are in the list but I wish they could be missed.
Then the few of us who ask out of pure sincerity
We agree the rules are terse and would like some clarity
"Are we playing this right?" we'd simply like to know,
Give us the answer so we can make our next die roll
Is there more to life than this? We just have to guess.
We spend time with our families, at least more or less.

We've got it on the list--we've got it on the list
Read the answers - they're posted on the list.