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SALSA! II, as the name implies, is the long-awaited successor to SALSA! It has undergone significant redesign and implementation changes. Visually it may not appear that different. I liked most aspects of the original user interface and tried keeping as much as I could. Rather, many other things were changed; behind the scenes these make big differences.

Copyright (c) 2001 Wayward Publications. yada yada yada.

What Do I Download? [Top] [Next Topic]

File name:
(Previous version:
SALSA! II version: 2.1.1
Download size:  about 2.6 Mb
Last Update: 10.25.03
Sorry, this is a PC version only. A Mac version will be released afterward.

SALSA! II uses its own installer, so after downloading and unzipping it, you will have an installer to run. It installs the required files as well as some ActiveX components. Some systems may report file conflicts, missing or locked files. In those instances, click Ignore or No (in the case of replacing files). SALSA! II may be removed using the Add/Remove Control Panel item under the Start->Settings menu of any Windows OS.

I tested it thoroughly on various hardware and operating systems such as Windows NT 4, Windows 98 types, Windows 2000, Windows XP and even experimental XP servers not yet released. Although I tested this on various systems and am confident it runs without problems, I can not guarantee this. If you have any doubts (and right you should), do not install it on a critical system. You might want to go as far to use a test machine or one that is fully backed up.

As an incentive for people to use the voice commands, I added a new feature for the IFT. You can can now say "attack on the four even," "attack on the twenty plus three," or the ever goofy "attack on the six down two." In response, SALSA! II says something like "you rolled five and three modified to a six for a one M C."


Windows XP: No known (or at least reported) problems.
Windows 2000: Service Pack 2 or later is required.
Windows 98, SE, ME: No known problems. 
During installation, you may get warnings about not being able to register a file or the like. Trudge through all those messages with "Ignore" or "Skip". Same for uninstalling; ignore or skip all warnings. Such are the problems of having one installer for different operating systems.

Speech Recognition [Top] [Next Topic]

SALSA! II uses Microsoft's Speech API 5.1 (also called SAPI 5.1) for speech recognition. That means SALSA! II can speak the results of actions. It is also voice activated and will respond to speaking various commands. Frankly it is a cool feature I am excited about. I added it in when I got tired of having to always switch between it and VASL when playing on a computer. It even has a small window that can be used with VASL to see results. Those with laptops already have a built-in microphone; others will have to get cheap headsets. SALSA! II automatically detects the presence or absence of the SAPI engines. SAPI 5.1 is not required to run SALSA! II although speech and sound will not be available.

Microsoft Windows XP or later
Text-To-Speech is built in - no additional installation required. 
Speech Recognition: Loaded through Office XP's Speech function. Otherwise, a SAPI 5.1 installation is required.

Microsoft Windows 2000 or earlier, Any Windows 98, or Me
SAPI 5.1 installation required for both speech recognition and text-to-speech

Where can I get SAPI 5.1 from?

SAPI 5.1 is also available with Windows XP although only speech play back will be available; for speech recognition you still have to install either of the SAPI 5.1 downloads from above. Even though Office XP has speech recognition in it, it's not compatible with SALSA II. The details get a little complicated but trust me. SALSA! II automatically detects the presence or absence of the SAPI engines. Regardless, SAPI 5.1, is not required to run SALSA! II.

What's New [Top] [Next Topic]

1) Modular system. The system accommodates any or all nationalities just by adding the appropriate file. These include existing nationalities, the new SASL II ones, and others not yet designed. This versatility greatly expands SALSA and may be updated by replacing the files. It may even allow for specialized modules such as SALSA! For Red Barricades or others as they come out. This lack of modularity was the largest obstacle with the old system and essentially forced me into a dead end. Poor memory management and restrictive application design limited the expandability of that system.

2) While the system can accommodate other nationalities, my time doesn't. Currently only German support is available. As my time permits, I will continue to add nationalities.

3) Important user interface (UI) details have been added. This includes S12.22 (Special Forces) support, streamlined operations to minimize mouse clicks, more accurate reporting of details and commands.

4) Better exception handling. Not the computer code kind of exception (but that's also true - there are fewer crashes now) but the SASL kind. I have deep respect for MMP's ability to make exceptions to a general rule. SALSA! II handles these better. Carefully examine the vehicle results display and many of the footnotes, theater limitations and other exceptions are built in.

5) Extensive help. Each screen provides What's This Help for controls. In addition, the help is more than a simple description but includes procedural information. While an outstanding manual of the high quality you expect will be included, I intend it never be used.


What SALSA! Is [Top] [Next Topic]

1) SALSA! intends to be a die rolling replacement aid. It is meant to be played with a SASL game nearby, or on the same computer with the VASL game.

2) SASL is a great game and unfairly overlooked by the ASL community. I hope to make play easier, faster, and more enjoyable with this game aid.


What SALSA! Is Not [Top] [Next Topic]

1) SALSA! is not a replacement for buying SASL. The tables only include the units which may be activated from S? counters. Random events tables are not included nor is the ability to generate any and all units physically possible in the game system.

2) While an effort has been made to accurately reflect the Activation tables, there are several minor instances that this was not possible.

3) Scenarios are not included and perhaps all the scenarios SSRs are not accounted for. I have allowed some SSRs such as creating fortifications on even die rolls, but MMPs ability to make exceptions in rules is greater than my ability (or at least time) to accommodate them. I have tried presenting as much information as possible (such as DR/dr results and a detailed record log) so you can recount or compensate for new situations.


Tell Me [Top]

Write Me
The whole point of this beta is to get comments back from you. Please do so. This includes the things you like, dislike; want to see, don't want to see. Tell me about crashes or interference with other applications.


SALSA! II File Format [Top]

This is the file format for individual nationalities: SALSA File Format


SALSA! II Files [Top]

Download updated, new or unique nationalities files for SALSA! II: SALSA! II Files


Not Really Frequently Asked Questions, or Even Asked of Me [Top]

Cecil Adams knows everything so you have to ask only once.

How did WWII propaganda broadcaster Tokyo Rose get info on Allied ship movements?

Did some Japanese soldiers hold out for years after WWII?

Was Hitler a Christian?

Who were the Aryans?

Was Hitler part Jewish?

Did Mussolini use castor oil as an instrument of torture?

Is there any factual basis for Holocaust denial?


Microsoft Speech API 5.1 [Top]

Microsoft Speech Recognition Engines
(they're free)

This is a smaller version. This zip file is 50 Mb so I don't recommend downloading it over a telephone line. This is the smallest speech will get anytime soon. It then expands to about 85 Mb. Download it to your local drive first, and after opening it, run Setup.

Speech Recognition Kit

This is the full version, which is also the Microsoft SAPI 5.1 full SDK (the programmer's kit). This download is about 250 Mb.

Go to SAPI 5.1 Download site.