Scenario Errata
The following is a list of errata for nonexistent scenarios.

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Scenario 2 ("Tminski's Counterattack")
The Germans receive additional three Tigers (L). They may enter from any board edge.

Scenario 3 ("Off the white sands")
SSR 5 should read "...if no GO MMC/SMC are present IN the river."

Scenario 4 ("Point Defiance")
Q. Are the American required to hold all Locations before reinforcements arrive?
A. Yes, none of the Locations have to be controlled.

Q. After the barrage, do the surviving American HSs undergo an additional 1TC as per SSR 2?
A. RBNH, but the rules do not require a TC afterwards. However a SSR might state otherwise.

Scenario 5 ("The Putsch Push")
After several readers complained about the complexity of the Victory Conditions, we re-evaluated it. By and by we could not figure it out either, including the designers. Apparently all play testers lied about their results rather than admit they could not understand the VC. Our advice is to skip the scenario.

Scenario 6 ("Fruitless Victory")
Clarification. The counter mix is not a strict limit. If not enough counters are available, use 4-5-8 French MMC. Thereafter use American 6-6-6.

Scenario 7 ("Bad Day in Hiroshima")
Insert "All units must take an immediate 2MC" after "…denotation."

Scenario 9 ("The Fortress")
Overlay Woods 3 should not be placed over the fortress. The German player may position the overlay anywhere within three of the river. After that, it may be moved only once.

Scenario 12 ("Westwall Breach")
Clarification. When the dam breaks all non-level 4 hill hexes also flood. Units/SW in those hexes at that time are eliminated.

CG 2 ("The Tractor Factory")
* Germans set up two hexes "outside of" the Russian Initial area, not "east of."
* Ignore all references to T6; no such rule exists.
* The Factory is building II6 not G3 as printed in scenario card.
* Replace all occurrences of the numeral '2' with '4.'
* Rule 8 is missing and just as well since it was wrong. Like all the other rules, improvise.
* The Factory Morale DRM was omitted. It should be
* We apologixe for the appaling numbr of mispellings.
* Players will need a copy of the rules for both PB and KGP II (use rule P4 as printed in KGP I). Use counters from CoD. A printing error omitted this from the Required Modules list.
* The Required Modules list was omitted. You will need to add it back in. Write us when you figure it out - we'd like to know too.
* The Victory Conditions are wrong, but close enough. However, if you find the Germans capture nine stone locations too easily, raise the number to, say, 14.
* Those players having actually bought the game are not entitled to a refund - so do not even ask.
* Since the game was never play tested, please mail in your game results.
* While technically the words 'suckers' and 'saps' are not misused on the cover, we apologize for their appearance. It was intended for use in an internal memo only.
* For faster games, double the movement allowance for all units.
Q. Why does the government still bother to mint pennies? They are nearly worthless and most of the time just get in the way.
Q. My friend says you were rude and evasive when you answered one of his questions.
A. Technically that's not a question, Einstein, but your pinhead friend is an insipid liar for suggesting that. I work hard on my games and if it doesn't live up to your "ideal" then that's bloody too bad.
Q. The scenario card lists an OB for 6-5-7 garrison units but the counters provide several 6-5-8. Which is correct?
A. It's a "fire fight" card for starters. If you'd read the rules, except in two cases, it's always a "fire fight." Not like it's going to make much of a difference but the unit should be 6-4-7, like our errata web site states. You can buy corrected counter sheets directly from us. Before you whine and moan again, the corrected counters are still wrong. Really correct versions can also be ordered from us but you have to buy the wrong sheet first anyway.

Scenario Pack 3 ("All for one and one for Awl")
Q Can broken French HSs both recombine and attempt to destroy the bridge in the same RPh?
A Yes. Although no leader may be with in LOS of the flaming wreck at that moment.

Scenario Pack 3 ("Kursk Madness")
A printer error replaced German units with Panzergrupp Guderian counters. In all cases use the ASL values.

Scenario Pack 3 ("The Six Man Mile")
This scenario is not even ours and no one knows how it got in the scenario pack. Regardless, we feel the game should be 6 1/2 turns.

Scenario Pack 3 ("Last day of WWII")
Aftermath correction. We apologize for the mistake but the first Texas Dairy Queen opened in 1947.