The game's status.

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The Game thus far

Turn 7 (9/11/98)

The CG finally ends at the conclusion of German Turn 7. The German made it into two locations of the next factory line after a bold frontal assault in the last turn. In doing so, the Russians lost a 10-2, FT, 2 HMGs and three squads.

The CVP ran 64-52 in German advantage. While sounding close, the Russian points include two HTs and several weak panzers. By contrast all the German points were by squad deaths. Russians lost 27 squads to the German 12 1/2.

I thought the worst was over when the turn ended. Now we have to muddle through the crappy PL Reorganization rules.

Turn 5 (9/4/98)
Going through the Housing District offers little resistance for the Germans. But likewise going straight through the factory defenses offers little resistance either. While appearances demonstrate the drive up the center is slow, the Russian center is all but defeated. Most of the units are broken and look for a second line of defense in the next factory or a good spot to surrender.

Turn 3
The Germans are attacking two ways, The main thrust is the up the center, directly into my Russian defenses. Although I most expected this attack, my strong points are melting away by small attacks.

The other attack is though the housing district, over the 'open' landscape. Again, my troops are surrendering like girlie men being pushed around a school playground.