Appendix B

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Roua Core Defense Order of Battle


Unit Purchase Qty  FPPs  Cost
Infantry Platoon  1 - 7
57L Gun 1 - 10
Sniper  1 - 3
Roadblock  5 (35) -
AT Mines - (30) -
Dummies  - (10) -
Total Fort. - (75) 5
Total CPP - - 25

American units in the south exist primarily to divert/delay the German infantry flanking attack coming up from the south edge of the board. The front Jeep in G24 will strip concealments and the spattering of real units in the area should give the 'Dummies' some legitimacy. The units at Roua should bear the brunt of the attack. American infantry up on the hill should move to delay and block German advances up the wooded roads and trails. Be liberal with White Phosphorous from the Mortars and Canisters from the Armored Cars. Keep foxholes out of sight until they are actually found.


(Click on map to see enlarged version.)

Hex Unit Setup


QQ19 346 HS
PP20 1S Foxhole
PP27 1S Foxhole
NN28 226 HS
NN29 Abandoned Jeep, CA MM31
JJ24 Tractor, CA: KK26
II18 536
GG25 1S Foxhole
GG18 1S Foxhole
X20 57L Gun + Crew, CA: V20, & Abandoned Jeep CA Z20
EE24 Abandoned Jeep, CA: GG24 (Don’t forget Concealment)
BB32 666/Bazooka, & 7-0 Leader
BB26 57L Gun + Crew, CA AA28 (Free Hidden)
AA23 536/Mtr
AA18 Abandoned Jeep, CA CC18
Z37 Jeep (One-Man Crew) CA: Y36
Z34 666/mmg
Z33 M4A3 Sherman Flame Thrower (Buttoned Up), VCA: X33, TCA: X33
Z25 3 * Dummy (5/8” + 1/2” + 5/8”) Simulated Gun
Y29 666/MMG, & 57L Gun + Crew, CA X30, both on top of 1S Foxhole
Y28 126 Crew, & 8-0 Leader
X26 76L Gun + Crew, CA: W28 (Free Hidden)
W26 666/mmg/Bazooka, & 126 crew/Mtr, both under 2S Foxhole
V26 90L Gun + Crew, CA: U28
V23 57L Gun + Crew, CA: W25 (Free Hidden)
U24 347 HS/Mtr/Bazooka under 1S Foxhole
T27 57L Gun + Crew, CA: S29
T26 667/mmg/Bazooka UNDER 2S Foxhole, + 126 Crew/.50cal MG on top
T24 546/mmg, 346 HS, & 9-2 Leader
S24 666/mmg
S22 536
S23 546, & 8-1 Leader
R24 546/mmg, & 346 HS
Q24 76L Gun + Crew, CA: P25
Q22 1S Foxhole
Q21 57L Gun + Crew, CA: O21 (Free Hidden)
Q20 666/mmg
Q18 Sherman (Closed Top for now), CA: O18
Q17 546/mmg
P23 126 Crew/Bazooka UNDER 2S Foxhole, & 667/Mtr/Mtr on top
O24 76L Gun + Crew, CA: P25
O22 546/Mtr/Mtr under 1S Foxhole
O16 666
M22 76L Gun + Crew, CA: L23 (Free Hidden)
L21 666/Bazooka, under 1S Foxhole
K24 546/Bazooka, & 346 HS, both in Crest Status
K19 546
J19 7-0 Leader
J16 Sherman Open Top, CA: I15
I20 347 HS/.50 Cal MG at Level 1
H21 2 * Dummy (1/2” + 1/2”)
G24 Jeep (Single Man Crew), CA: F22
G23 666/mmg
G20 2 * Dummy (1/2” + 1/2”)
F17 M8 Armored Car, CA: D17 (Open Topped)
E21 3 * Dummy (1/2” + 1/2” + 1/2”)
E20 M8 Armored Car, CA: C20 (Open Topped)

Mines (1AT): AA28, Y31, X30, W30, V29, R27, Q27, P26, O26, & R20
Strategic Locations: MM14, NN16, QQ17, QQ13, NN10, QQ 9, & LL27
Road Blocks: #1 (S24 - T24), #2 (R19 - Q18), #3 (Q18 - Q17), #4 (H21 - G20), & #5 (Y28 - AA28)