Operation Veritable CG

OVHS 19pm: Game Analysis and AAR

Mostly by Jeff Newell

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Quick Overview [top]

Jim and I played this way back in May at the annual Enfilade tourney. We played on Friday from 6pm to 10pm then on Saturday from 9am to 5pm, and we DID get blurry at the end. Jim forgot to fire a Panther at a Sherman and I forgot to ‘pick up’ a German HMG that I could have really used in defensive fire phase.

Setup and Purchases [top]

I had not been able to link my perimeter during the AM (who could?) so had five different set up areas which made launching a coordinated attack a little challenging. (Note – to give you good idea of my frame of mind, please review Final Thoughts  from the 19am turn).

I purchased an infantry company, two OBA modules and a MMG platoon. The MMGs were really in anticipation of the night CG date, since I needed them in place at the start of that one. I rolled well for leaders again. So I now have 10-2 and three 9-2s! 

Jim purchased a Panther Platoon, two more 88s, two 75L ATGs and a PzG company. (yikes!)

Canadian Goals [top]

The Canadian Goals
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Needed to police up the five LVP’s I occupied but did not control from the AM turn, as well as get a couple more to make up for only getting seven in the first CG.

I wanted to push out farther all across the front before he brought reinforcements on. Specifically I wanted to capture the crossroads and buildings in X23 area. They were lightly held and if I could grab them quickly, I might be able to hold. I also wanted to grab the H10 Crossroads along with N14 LVP.

Game Start [top]

Along with Steve D who is playing Alan bills in the same CG and date, I was very afraid that Jim might choose an attack chit which would have really hurt me. I was strung out and had he brought a bunch of Panzer Lehr on the map on turn 1 I would have been in a world of hurt. Jim chose Idle and I attack.

Turn 1

The start of the 19PM CG date.
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Smoke is being fired by Shermans and Mortars with rate and I make my move on LVP location in V18


(Click on image to expand it.)

First of 2 75L AT guns pop out. They did a LOT of damage to my infantry. The Milk Factory only had dummies and quickly falls.

(Click on image to expand it.)

I brought in my reinforcement company to secure the crossroads at H10. 

Turn 4

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Despite effective FFE’s of Smoke and WP, my attack is floundering up the middle on ridge. His Panther has scared away all my Sherman's. However, my infantry are making some headway and the LVP Building in N16 falls to the Canadians. I do get a Sherman on a Panther flank, knowing that I can win the gun duel…until he reveals a 9-2 AL in the Panther – scratch another Sherman.

Turns 5 and 6

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Despite horribly ineffective 100mm OBA from me (either I don’t get radio contact, or battery access, or accuracy), the crossroads at H10 falls to the Canadians.

Two memorable events for me. Jim moves a Panther up a little too far without infantry support by the crossroads of H10. My PIAT hits rear armor! But then fails to penetrate. I just cant afford to miss opportunities like that. I just know that Panther is going to hurt me for many CG dates to come. Event number 2 – Jim is successful stretched out, so after breaking his squad possessing a HMG in hex F16, I made a mad dash for the hex and get it! It is an LVP hex that would further cut his set up area and it also has a HMG just sitting there. Well, then 16 hours of gaming takes its toll - I neglect to possess the HMG. He counter attacks with 2 squads and instead of defensive firing on the 24 table, I am on the 8 table. He survives, advances in and in the post game melee phase retakes the hex and the HMG. How stupid on my part!

(Click on image to expand it.)

In the center, my attack has been completely repelled by his force. 


Canadian Goals Reviewed [top]


Goal Result
Police up the five LVP’s Succeeded. Captured Cross Roads and Milk Factory.
Capture the crossroads and buildings in X23 area  Completely failed.
Capture the H10 Crossroads along with N14 LVP Succeeded

Losses [top]


Canadian German
   About eight squads and a couple of leaders

   1 x Firefly
   2 x Shermans

   4.5 squads


LVP Total 14, Cumulative 21

Final Thoughts [top]

As the Canadian, I was pretty down after this CG (which partially explains why it took so long for AAR. I could not believe that I missed an opportunity to bag a Panther and was very upset that I lost so many squads in the middle. (But I have since learned that this area is deadly for both). On the plus side, I did get 14 LVPs and need to average 11 a game to prevail. I also was able to completely link my entire perimeter which is a HUGE advantage in setup. The German does not have this luxury. While Jim and the Germans gave up some terrain, their losses were miniscule and he will be able to mount a counter attack soon.

I had higher hopes for my FireFlies, but even if they hit a Panther, penetration is not guaranteed (unfortunately, the reverse is not the same). I am fascinated to see how the night goes.

House Rules [top]

  • Barrages came on Turn one as per the ISR (this will be changed in errata)
  • Starting in the next CG Date, two red chit draws will not end OBA. Instead, a red card is added and a player can continue to attempt battery access.
  • Anything HIP at the end of a CG Date stays HIP.
  • Hedges will be on considered to be on whatever level they are shown on. That is, a hex that has Level 1 and Level 2 and a hedge on both will be a 1.5 and 2.5 level obstacle respectively.

Write Me [top]

I would love your questions, suggestions and thoughts.

Jeff (jnewell@nwlink.com)