This is supposed to be coverage, explanation and possible apologies for our BRT CG II.

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Red Beach One. This is my front
American Turn 2. Partially into the MPh, only the two units on or adjacent to the beach have moved. Nevertheless the uncomfortable nature of the situation can be seen. The squad on the beach is facing fire directly along the hex row from both a HMG and HMG Twin. Three Japanese squads are rushing forward and are CX.

The units in the ocean at the bottom are the luckless LVs as they plod toward the beach. The white ones are the destroyed vehicles and the ones with counters are either immobilized, stunned or just hosed in some fashion.

The green arrows on the hexsides are sea wall breaches after the bombardment.

Red Beach Two. Del's front.
End of turn 1. In the next turn, Del would actually take out that big pile of units in front of him and manage to get three Shermans ashore.
The Americans. This is both of our fronts. That's me on the left, probably arguing some untenable case. Del is on the right. His look of stultification will turn to incredulousness as the troops get slaughtered in the water. He will, however, continue to eat the pretzels.
The Japanese. Sam, left, finally made it onto one of my pages. Dan always looks too happy.