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Questions not asked infrequently enough.
The following is a series of questions by Phil in an attempt to understand the BRT situation without having seen the map.

Q. What happens if you just swim in?
A. You die. 3 MP/hex and the closest is four hexes and it's -2 all the way. Add in ROF weapons of 3 and you die.

Q. What happens if you swim in from 1/2 way?
A. You'll probably die before you make it half way but afterwards you just die.

Q. What distance is the best to jump out of the LV?  (90% chance of getting to this point without the LV taking a hit).
A. Don't enter. Half my force did not make it past two hexes. The only unit to survive in the water so far has been a 8-0 leader and I'm giving him a zero chance of having any effect. While wading units are fanatic to a 9 morale, all fire is -2 making MCs usually 6 or 7. Additionally, you don't break in the water, you causality reduce. Historically the Japanese did not fire at the LVs. They did not know what the funny looking craft were. It was only after they unloaded with up to 30 men, did they realize. As a result, the second wave took the horrendous losses.

Q. What is the modifier for staying in the LV.  It sounds like the modifier is death.  So you can that or the -2.
A. The modifier for staying in an LV *is* death, you are correct. While there is no DRM per se, the zero armor vehicle is dead meat if anything hits it. For that reason, I prefer taking my chances walking in. At least rely on the unit's Fanatic morale (9) rather than the CS of the LV. I have to survive the unloading, which is of course Hazardous Movement and it takes 1/2 the LV MPs not the normal 1/4. Then I have to wade in, which is not only considered open ground but it cost three MFs.

Q. So how do the Americans win?
A. Good question. It's not done on the first date for sure. By the end of this date, all I want is six squads on shore; that's out of 36. They need to create a small shadow or blind spot from fire for the next landing team. Right at the beak is where this'll happen. Already I have a one hex channel with minimal fire. It'll be the reserves that carry the day. Historically, the third wave was able to land unopposed and they got the offensive started.

Q. Is that anti air/anti boat/anti everything Japanese gun (I can't remember caliber) as devastating as you thought? A 37* can't kill a Sherman from the front.  Does he have anything that can? Maybe that is how the American wins...tanks.
A. The single worst weapon we've encountered, seriously, is the 37* gun. He has lots of them, they need a 9 to kill LVs and has a ROF of 3! They are so good, he didn't even both buying the 120s and 140s. On top of that, the HMGs have a ROF of 3, MMGs 2 and the HMG twin 3. It's like his fire phases never end. At least our three planes were marginal. 75s can take out Shermans and in a shooting match the advantage is still with the Japanese. They have better terrain and the tremendous advantage of firing first.

(Personal aside from Phil) "I hope you got lots of reserves coming up. Guys, this is like the good old days.  Robert is getting throttled.  To bad we are not there to antagonize him.  Awww, the memories."