Tournament Rules and Guidelines

The nature and point of tournaments is to encourage competition, to increase camaraderie and to learn from others. By following these simple guidelines below, the quality of play can be improved while minimizing procedural irregularities that could compromise a game or game result.

* All players will use a dice cup, box or tower.
You do not want to spend time arguing about fair rolls or having rolls compromised. If one die needs to be re-rolled, both dice will have to be re-rolled.

* No comments on other players games!
None! Neither from the Tournament Director (TD) nor from the player's best friend. Players may ask about rules but comments regarding tactics are not allowed. Unsolicited comments about play are forbidden.

* Agree on any options before the bid begins.
IIFT? Rules versions, etc.

* Set-up corrections
Any player found with troops outside setup area, incorrectly placed, etc. after play has made correction impossible will have those troops removed or broken at non-owning player's discretion.

* The TD's decision is final and binding.
Players are encouraged to resolve questions among themselves. However, if the TD is required to intervene or make a decision, it is final and binding. In games involving the TD, problems will be address instead by a mutually acceptable third party.

* Be open minded.
Different players from other groups will have their own style of play and interpretation of the rules. Since ASL is a complex game, be opened minded to new ideas or rules. Players should feel free to look up and challenge of which they disagree. Do not expect your opponent to simply 'know' how you interpret the rules and, by the same token, you should not have to play under that expectation as well.

* Rules
Unless otherwise explicitly stated in a scenario, only rules chapters A - E will be used. Since there is a wide latitude in player's rules versions, an understanding needs to be made among the players prior to bidding. Generally, the latest set of Avalon Hill color rules (1994) is assumed. Other companies' rules versions will not be recognized. Q/A from Avalon Hill's The General may be referred to as needed to clarify a rule but may not supersede or change it. Modifying rules, even if mutually agreeable, is not encouraged and may alter play balance of a scenario.

* Time Limits
Players are encouraged to take the time they feel they need to play a thoughtful and considerate game. However, excessive delay is discouraged. Opponents may always prompt players to move along play if they perceive the time is excessive. If no resolution can be made between the players, either may involve the TD for a decision. Set up for either side should be longer than 20 minutes.

* Other
Unlike previous years, neither the 'chit' nor a third die for ROF will be used. [Editor's note: In previous years, a Chit was used. The Bid Side started with the owner of the Chit and it could be used to nullify any one die (DR, dr) result. At that moment the other player would gain possession of it. Ownership would continue to alternate when it was used. Also, some TDs allowed using a third die for determining ROF. IT would be rolled along with the attack. Neither of these caught on.]

* Above all else, have fun
Tournaments are chances to challenge people who normally do not get to play each other. Enjoy the games, learn what you can; teach what can. Disagreements are part of the game. They should be resolved in the best manner possible but afterwards continue playing and do not make it personal.

* Scoring and Placement
The players will be ranked by points after the completion of each round. This is a four round tournament with the first four making it to Sunday morning finals. Each victory is worth 20 points plus Bonus Points. The Bonus Points are awarded based on the round:

Round 1 = 1
Round 2 = 2
Round 3 = 4
Round 4 = 8

Therefore, late victories are worth more than early victories. The matchings for The Finals, will be based on this point total. For the Finals, though, points will not be used and the winner of each game will place 1st, 2nd, 3rd and so on.

* Thanks
I would like to thank several people for their important contributions. Dirk Walker for coordinating Houston playtesting; Louie Tokarz and Russell Gifford both of Chicago's Windy City Wargamers for their scenario packs and guideline recommendations; Wild Bill Stevens for copies of the Monster Pack; Evan Sherry of Tampa's Schwerpunkt 96, for his tournament advice.