The Players


Robert - Commander-in-chief. Battle-tested, tough, cynical veteran commander from Ambeleve and now KGP. Bold in thought, he plans with surgical precision, moving only to strike a death blow or foil the Americans attack. As commander of the Western KGP forces, he has embraced victory four times now in defending the sanitarium. Faced with the greatest challenge yet by the American army, his troops, not knowing failure while under his commander, bends and buckles under the strain of attack, but the lines holds. And hold it will for hold it must. Who answers to widows when the battle is lost?

Phil - Another veteran of the Ambeleve campaign, this boy-turned-man leads the charge in the north. Armed with infantry from the Wermacht and tanks from the SS, he is forging a path of death and destruction as he wages a one-man war. Uncontrollable, even by his superiors, his rage and angst drives him beyond limits of mere mortals and will only be stopped with the satiation of complete victory or the cold, dank touch of the Grim Reaper. If he's not drawing fire, he's slacking. He will show you where Iron Crosses grow.


Doyle - Commander-in-chief. This self-effacing opponent claims he was the 7-0 leader killed in the opening barrage. Not fooled by his false modesty, his presence is all but undeniable. A cold, calculating soldier. In defense, bides his time for the right shot. In attack, is bold and brash and unleashes tempests each American soldier holds within.

Bruno. - The newest of the group. Another soft-spoken, unpretentious commander. Confident in style, assured in action, the Germans can not afford to underestimate this recent threat to German balance. A veteran of other campaigns, for sure he torments the defense but will he push them over the precipice of agony into the lowest regions of defeat? All we know is many good men of both sides will die before this question is answered.



"I'm hungry. Are you guys hungry? I am. I'm getting a pizza. Do you guys want some pizza?"
"Attack. I am immune to the destruction rules."


"Oh, how cute, he rolled a two again."
"Let's see, you're firing while pinned, long range, through falling snow , brush, two orchards, that flaming tank. Why yes, Doyle, that is a hit."
"There's no way I can miss this moral check. I have a 10 with that leader..."
"...I can't believe I missed that moral check. I had a 10 with that leader."


"The point being..."
"It's a double edged sword..."
"In Red Barricades..."
"Man, I'm being chingled again."