I asked several Houston players their take on the important concepts for KGP I: what would they do differently next time or what worked for them in the game. Some ideas were mutually agreed upon, others had conflicting views. All, except Phil's kublewagon one, are good.

[German Notes] [American Notes]

Doyle's Notes: [German] [American]
Phil's Notes: [German] [American]
Robert's Notes: [German]
Dirk's Notes: [German]





  1. Understand that this is an infantry game not an armor game.
  2. Do not waste CCPs on what looks like fun to have. If it does not have a specific function, don't buy it. Save the CCPs. For instance,
  • It would be great to have the PzVIB (V3) tank section, but the cost is too high for the tanks use. The Pz VG (Panther) is a better buy for your CCPs and it does all the things the PzVIB does.
  • The SPAA Sect. (V7) is another over priced and underused vehicle in the German Armor section. Why not save the CCPs and get a OBA (01) 120mm Module and put the forest to use for the Germans as a killing field for G.I. troops? Or save and get a HW1 MG section? This gives your troops heavy weapons that can be used on offense and defense.


  1. Don't buy King Tigers. As tempting as they are, they are expensive. They also provide no additional protection for the money. Panthers will be the work horse of the Germans.
  2. Never, ever let Americans get behind you. You need to have your front lines as short and tight as possible. If you leave a pocket somewhere, you'll have to allocate a disproportional number of units behind to get them. The Germans are strong but only if they remain intact.
  3. Infantry, infantry, infantry. OBA is just too unpredictable for my liking. Tanks form a needed backbone for a defense but holding ground means infantry.
  4. You have to have some of sanitarium by the end of game two. Game three may be spent controlling the rest of it but by the end of game three you should be at final defensive position, preferably along the ridge line beyond the building.
  5. I love the Flamm half tracks but in practice they are nearly worthless. I never was able to get a good shot from them and they drew too much fire. Get some anti air power instead. About the same FP but handier. Besides, they'll be ready for game two when the American fighers could arrive.
  6. The only time the Americans could get aircraft is the second game. Assume he will. Toward the end, buy the flak wagons on game one and have them set up ready for game two. Their effective range is eight hexes, so to keep the troops under their umbrella, move one wagon from time to time as forward as is safe. They only have one job to do, and you don't want to get caught out of position when the fighters do come on.
  7. Keep something back. I always leave a PzIV, HTs and some infantry in the rear area. The Americans can play some nasty tricks with his jeeps. Remember, trails may be used by jeeps. This is in keeping with Phil's kublewagon threat.



  1. Don't buy King Tigers. Germans are attacking long distances up hill in mud. Panthers can barely make it. King Tigers won't participate at all. If you really had points to burn near the end then buy them to bolster defense. But chances are you will not have any points to spare on Panthers, much less King Tigers, until all the infantry, mines, and OBA have been built (in that order).
  2. American "breakthrough" might be the wrong word. I think you will scare the new players into thinking a break through is possible. I think it is more helpful to say, leave something behind to prevent some hidden jeep/truck riding half squad from appearing and racing around you to the strategic locations in your rear.
  3. It is almost purely an infantry game. Conserve them, conserve them.
  4. Keep close track of the victory points. Strategy and tactics will be determined after game three by victory points. If the Germans are behind a little, they will need to be a little aggressive. If they are behind by a lot, they will need to be very aggressive.
  5. Buy the Whirblewind on game 1 so that it can be in place by game 2 without onboard set up costs, which they can't afford. The US will get planes on game 2 and this is the only German unit that will have any effect. Buy the flamm HTs game 2 so that they can participate by game 3. These units are invaluable in clearing out stone buildings. Conserve them (far far too many US bazookas, keep them in the rear but in striking distance. When the defender has finally exhausted its fire, move up and flame him.
  6. Huge point on terrain. The Germans must build strategic locations in the south to connect Stoumont to the southern edge of the board, and to the north (including the capture of the little farm near the north edge) so that they can have a contiguous set up area from the north edge to the south. This is necessary to be able to completely seal off the north and west US entry areas from the east side of the board. Otherwise, a little jeep-driven half squad, who you have no time or units to track down completely, will be able to activate stategic locations behind your lines. This will appear unharmful, until the US buys onmap set up for units, which can appear miraculously (and without risk) in that setup area. Only by completely controlling north to south can you prevent this. The Germans will need to be very flexible and use many tricks and dummies to hold his entire line. If ever he is flanked he is in dire straits.



  1. Infantry. Infantry. Infantry. Buy them early and buy them often. They are always the priority. Buy them until they are all gone and then worry about other stuff (exception: Whirlwinds).
  2. Buy the Whirlwinds on the first turn. American airplanes will likely come on in the second turn and they can be devastating. You will need the Whirlwinds to defend your force. They will also be useful against American infantry forays around your flanks later in the game.
  3. Be assertive in the attack but not suicidal. What this means is move quickly with the tanks but use the half tracks to screen them. The half tracks can be used to reveal hidden/concealed American positions that can serve as targets for the tanks immediately following. The HTs can also be used to prevent route after the tanks have hit their targets. Get as much infantry to the front line as possible. They can often move as far as vehicles because of the soft ground. The leaders will often be on the front line having added their movement points to the advance.
  4. Roua is a key in any American defense. In all German offensives there should be flanking maneuvers on either side of Roua. A northern flank movement will put you between the American defenders and their retreat path.
  5. Take as much territory as possible on the first three game dates. This will prevent the Americans from having "options" when they go over to the attack. Most importantly seal off the north south line from the freeway entry area in the north to the edge board south of Stoumont. Do this by game two if possible. nasty things can happen if you don't.
  6. The Americans will use mines all over the place. mostly antitank. Panthers are immune to mine destruction rules.
  7. Watch out for American jeeps coming out of the northern woods path. They can occupy Piper's headquarters or worse.
  8. Watch out for hidden Americans in the northern stream.
  9. Take the building way up in the northeast woods.
  10. Expend points on kublewagons as often as possible. Use them to carry your most useful units and best leaders into the enemy rear as a fast occupation force.




If American you must decide which of the four areas to defend.

  1. The entire board area -- in which case you are doomed from the beginning.
  2. The center of the Stoumont map -- you can control the sanitarium. However limited rout paths when the Germans arrive (and they will arrive),
  3. The City of Stoumont. --great cover from the buildings, BUT NO ROUTE PATHS once the Germans bypass the city for the sanitarium and other victory locations, and
  4. The northern area -- great route paths in the woods and future strategic locations possibilities (which could put Americans moving on Peiper's HQ).
  5. Americans always RUN away to fight another day. Hit the Germans until the front lines are breached then run to fight another day.
  6. The Fighter Bomber. The threat is stronger than the weapon. Yes, you can kill almost any tank with this weapon if it has bombs. Always talk about the FB so your opponent knows that you know of it. This will keep him on edge and sometimes cause him to spend to offset its use.
  7. Consider not getting the following units: Trucks. Why spend the CCPs on this item. Almost anything is better than trucks in German infested waters. G4 and G5 sections of ART. and AA just staying on the board will be hard enough with out buying defensive units after the first turn. Spend the CCPs on infantry, fortifications or OBA.


  1. Don't try to defend everything. Pick the hill or Roua defense. Roua defense against conservative, predictable, or people playing this scenario for the first time. Hill if you are playing against a slice and dice player who will see that the Roua defense can be flanked to the North. These are the best two defenses.
  2. Live to fight another day. Defend hard in the morning and then make saving the survivors the top priority for the rest of the day. Don't try to defend your territory on the PM turn; even if you did well.
  3. Put your strategic locations into the woods in the northwest corner of the map. Objectives locations elsewhere are a waste.
  4. Put maximum funding into defensive obstacles on the first turn. Two or three roadblocks are a must. Maximum anti-tank mines. Your setup should be geared to cutting down the German armor. This is your best and almost only time you will have this opportunity.
  5. Don't do the Alamo thing at the sanitarium. You will be slaughtered and the Germans will still take it before the PM turn is out. The first PM turn is the worst the Americans will ever have. Don't play a stiff defense, you will be wiped out. Run away. Fast.
  6. In my book, there is no better infantry weapon than an American 50 cal. I love em love em love em. Powerful, high rate of fire, great range, best MG in the world against armor, easy to repair, portable. They just plain kick ass. I wish we had a dozen of em. Consider buying jeeps just for the MGs. Four CCPs for possibly two 50's, two crews, and four fearsome jeeps is a good buy in my book. A HMG group costs 12 points and you get three 30's, one 50, and four elite half squads. Buying it will prevent you from buying other stuff. We only have around 10 to 15 points a turn this game. There is a risk that you will roll greater than a seven on any given jeep and not get a weapon (six or seven gets you a 30 and five or less gets you a 50). Overall, however, that is more than 50% for each jeep.