Our game of KGP's CGI produced good, wholesome entertainment. The gaming was good, we all enjoyed it and walked away having learned a lot. Even so, there were better, worst and sometime just amusing moments. So without further ado, we present...

The Best and Worst of Our KGP Game

Most Significant Event
Taking the Sanitarium on CG Scenario 1. The Americans never recovered the rest of the campaign. Winning on points becomes a huge American challenge if this happens.

Most Significant Non-Event
American's mistiming of their Barrage. They performed a Barrage before the start of a German assault. Two German units broke and were subsequently rallied the following Rally Phase but the Americans managed to rubble their own building and took a squad with them.

Soundest Advice
Live to fight another day. The Americans lost nearly all of their force from CG Scenario 1. After that, they were starting each scenario fresh while the Germans were able to build up their force.

Most Innovative Approach For Minimizing The Impacts Of Fuel Shortage
Letting Bob lead an armored attack into the city while Americans are on the board. Bob ending up losing four tanks including his King Tiger and two Panthers within the first four turns of the initial scenario.

Call Of The Game
Bob's forecast of where and in what strength the American would enter on CG Scenario 5. The Germans were able to deploy perfectly, which lead to the final annihilation.

Nastiest Surprise
The American fighter bomber. Thank god he rolled poorly and only got one plane. Even so, it took out two tanks including a Panther.

Funnest Weapon
ATMM! Vehicle close combat sure is fun. Whoppeeeeeee!

Second Funnest Weapon
Flame Half-tracks with a two range. This could have been the funnest weapon if not for the fact that they started so far from the front, fearing a Barrage.

Least Significant Weapon
Mortars. They came in many shapes and sizes but all achieved the same insignificant results. Toward the end of the game, Doyle resorted to giving them away in the hope that we would try and use them.

Wackiest Entertainment
Watching Bob and Doyle fighting over a foxhole. Doyle marches into a minefield adjacent to a stack of fanatic SS infantry. Bob throws a satchel charge onto Doyle. The charge explodes. With the newly created fanatic squad and Hero that results from the explosion, Doyle charges out of the chaos. The sight of this causes Bob's three fanatic SS squads to break and flee in terror and the foxhole becomes Doyle's. The growing stack of German bodies eventually obscures Doyle's line of sight and Bob crawls back into the foxhole. Meanwhile, Doyle is performing his patented minefield dance on his way back to the American lines. Jim Carrey couldn't have done it better.

The Most Consistent Mis-application Of Rules
Americans' CH attempts while firing MGs at infantry.

Worst Use Of OBA
Americans. After three attempts, the SR finally converted to an actual FFE. Using WP, he attacks troops exclusively in foxholes. The result was usually a MC + 3 or a '12' in game turns. The very next turn it starting raining, making the FFE:2 ineffective. He then drew two red cards in a row, ending that nonsense.

Worst Attack/Worst Counterattack
Thinking the sniper counter was a foxhole, Bob placed a unit under it. It broke when Doyle attacked it, noting it was only a sniper. Not to be outdone, the very next turn, Doyle admits he did not attack another unit there because the foxhole modifier would make the attack too weak. Bob pointed out it was only a sniper counter.

Best Chingling Germans Ever Did
Not allowing Doyle to place Strategic Locations, five turns after he should have placed them. The Germans were in the middle of a counter assault, threatening to take all the known locations when Doyle 'remembered' these locations.

Best Chingling Americans Ever Did
They destroyed a Panther illegally but we caught the mistake too late. A DC attack uphill into smoke and expertly placed on the Panther. Only thing is that would have cost the infantry more MPs than he had.

Worst Breakout Attempt
The Americans admitted they tried breaking out his three tanks by using them to fire at units for two turns, going out of the way to surround a broken SS squad and failing one ESB roll to do so. In the intervening *four* turns, three German tanks rolled into position and killed everything they fired at.

Favorite Series Of Attacks
Bob used DCs twice. In both cases he rolled a '4' for the result against Doyle and a '9' or '10' for the result against himself. The second time it resulted in a modified IFT number of '19.'

Worst run of luck
Tie. Bob and Doyle. Bob had a amazing string that allowed every German to fail '9' or '10' MCs. Doyle's string was not as long, but his timing sucked.

Good Run Of Luck
Phil. He got to watch all of this.

Best Run Of Luck
Dirk. He wasn't even there to see any of this.


Harping Index
Number of times the Americans started on-board: 2
Number of times on-board forces were wiped out to the man: 2
Number of times the Americans started off-board: 2
Number of times off-board forces were wiped out to the man: 2
Most effective American game: 3, the idle turn