What I would do differently...

I get tired of reading scenario tips from the trade publications. They always seem to be different than the games I play and I find little advice from them holds true. Is it because they are far better players than I am and playing out of my league? Quite likely - I can not see how there can be worse players than myself.

Regardless, for the selected scenarios below, are notes on what I consider significant.

[Robert's Advanced Squad Leader page]

1997 Annual
[Red Tide] [Sudden Death] [Scouts Out] [Police Action]

March Madness
[Transylvanian Imbroglio]

Parker's Crossroads
[The Gingerbread Men]

Doomed Battalions
[An Uncommon Occurrence]

[The Whirlwind] [The Awakening of Spring (G33)] [Tod's Last Stand]

Blood Reef Tarawa
[Hell wouldn't have it (BRT 5)]

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