The Graphics of 12 point Facing

by Robert Delwood

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The figures below illustrate 12 point facing.

Figure 1 is the current case of six point facing. The front, side, rear facing is all too familiar.

Figure 2 is the same unit but is aligned along a hex row rather than a hex spine. The difference is that the target aspect is now marked along the hex row, conveniently using the hex center dots to form the line.

Figure 3 is the two images overlaid. Notice there are surprisingly few differences. Certainly not the huge different that vehicle bypass makes for facing.



Figure 1: Conventional facing along the hex spine.

Figure 2: Proposed facing along the hex row.

Unit A has a front shot since the fire is exactly down the hex center (using the map's hex center dots as a guide).

Unit B has side shot since the unit originating the fire is just to the left of the front definition.

Figure 3: The two images overlaid. Notice that very few hexes are actually affected. The target aspects remains virtually constant with either facing.